Festa Italiana Syracuse

Festa Italiana Syracuse

Friday, Sep 13, 2019 from 11:00am to 11:00pm

Corner of Montgomery And Washington Streets

The event brings together families from one year to 90 year old

Enjoy all of the following events during the three days:

Bocce- teams travel in from all over New York State In competition during the festival.

Children's tent- children's music, art, crafts and Contests

Main stage- on-going line up of entertainment for all ages, from local music and dance groups to feature Acts.

Food vendors- perhaps the largest draw to the Festival, over 25 local restaurants and caterers Selling pre-approved specialties. Our board of directors try to insure diversity in the offerings

Volunteer staff in excess of 300 people

12:00 Just Joe- Small Stage

5:00 Tom Rozzano and Ashley Cox- Small Stage

7:00 The Strangers - Small Stage

7:00 Prime Time - Main Stage

9:00 Letizia Band - Small Stage

9:00 Atlas- Main Stage